We are able to offer you delivery of medium to large drop sizes to utilise truck capacity and to save on freight costs – savings that will be passed on to the customer in the end price. Minimum deliveries relate to the smallest compartment on the particular truck employed, approximately 3500 – 4000 lts. We have two fully equipped, modern road tankers in our fleet that are ready to go immediately.Plus we utilise a fleet of reliable contractors to carry out many on our deliveries. Compartment sizes vary, but these variations serve to be able to cater for your requirements.

Reliable Product

To achieve continuity of supply we have entered into arrangements with some of the major oil companies on a long-term basis to ensure we are able to service your needs.

Competitive Pricing

We will be continually sourcing our supply at the best possible price available in the market place and pass the saving onto all customers. And of course we must mention the volatility in pricing. When you compare pricing please make sure that you are making your comparison of prices on the same day.


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