No Gordon game this last Saturday due to the Interleague game but, when I wrote last week that our next game will be against our “oldest rival” I feel I should explain exactly what I meant.

This Saturday 25th May 2019 Gordon play Dunnstown at Dunnstown. The contest will be one month short of 125 years since the two clubs first met on the 16th June 1894.

Below you will find the 1894 Gordon, Egerton & Ballan Advertiser reports interesting, informative and entertaining.

The respect, conflict, admiration, battles, blood, sweat and tears were obvious at that very first game 125 years ago and are still evident today.

Co incidentally, after being in an eight year recess, Gordon’s first game in 1962, was also against, you guessed it, Dunnstown at Dunnstown.

I’m certain we all have many memories to share and you are encouraged to travel up to the Dunnstown oval to support The Eagles and witness one of the oldest rivalries in local history. Irrespective of ladder positions these games are always well worth attending.

Hope to see you there.

Go Eagles!!!






“The Gordon Egerton & Ballan Advertiser” Friday June 15, 1894

A match will be played on Saturday 16th June between Gordon and Dunnstown clubs on the latter’s ground. As this is the first match for the trophy great interest is taken in it. The Gordon club had a practice on Wednesday afternoon, when several new players were tried, who will greatly strengthen the team.


“The Gordon Egerton & Ballan Advertiser” Friday June 22, 1894


These clubs met on Saturday last to play their first match for the Dunnstown Football Trophy, the match taking place at Dunnstown and resulted in a victory for the Gordon team by 3 goals 3 behinds to Dunnstown’s 2 goals 7 behinds. The match has for some time past been looked forward to with considerable interest, chiefly on account of a rumour circulated in Gordon that the Dunnstown team, composed of men averaging not less that 14st. each, who were prepared to wade knee-deep through their opponents’ blood rather than suffer a defeat at their hands. Happily, however, this proved to be a stretch of someone’s imagination, and though Dunnstown was by far the heavier team, the Gordonites’ fast and combined play compensated for their opponents superior weight.

The game was a fairly even one, as the scores show, and the umpire, Moloney, though considered by some to be unnecessarily strict, gave general satisfaction. The most serious accident of the day happened to P. Ryan, captain of the Gordon team, who, in the third quarter, got a nasty kick in the chest, which left its mark in the shape of an imprint of a No. 10 boot. But with characteristic pluck Paddy was soon on his feet again and following the ball as lively as ever. The following is a brief account of the play :-

First Quarter – Soon after the bell was rung, the ball was rushed to the Dunnstown territory and Harris kicked first goal for Gordon. T McCulloch almost immediately after followed with a behind. Play was then rather slack until near the last of the quarter, when P. Ginane kicked first behind for Dunnstown, and soon afterwards kicked a goal. Mercer kicked another behind, and when the bell rang the scores stood –

Gordon, 1 goal 1behind; Dunnstown, 1 goal 2 behinds.

Second Quarter – Play was a little more even and nothing was scored until the quarter was half over when Green scored behind for Gordon and J Ryan then scored another behind, and on the ball being kicked off Greene got a mark right in front and scored Gordon’s second goal, Dunnstown then rushed a behind, and when half-time was called the scores stood –

Gordon, 2 goals 3 behinds;Dunnstown,1 goal 3 behinds.

Third Quarter – Play got perceptibly rougher, and some of the Gordon boys got rather knocked about. Fox presently got hold of the ball and by a good kick placed third goal for Gordon. This last goal was evidently the last straw that “broke” the camel’s back, and the Dunnstownites began to show their superior weight, but the Gordon boys pluckily held their own until the quarter ended, neither team scoring. The game now stood –

Gordon, 3 goals 3 behinds; Dunnstown, 1 goal 3 behinds.

Last Quarter – Dunnstown went at it with a rush and succeeded in keeping the ball at the Gordon end, until within ten minutes of finishing play, but they were evidently disheartened, as they had no less than five shots for goal one after the other; but they all went wide of the mark with the exception of one kicked by P Moloney which went through the sticks and left Dunnstown but one in arrears. P. Gilane [sic](Ginane) especially had hard luck as he kicked no less than four behinds during the game. During the last ten minutes play Gordon got the ball under control again and kept it away from their opponents goal until time was called.

Final scores –

Gordon,3 goals 3 behinds; Dunnstown, 2 goals 7 behinds.

Goalkickers – Gordon – Harris, Greene, Fox; Dunnstown – Moloney and Gilane [sic](Ginane).


We acknowledge the reports from Dunnstown’s Centenary book

“From Saplings to Goal Posts” published in 1994.

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